The voice of the ghetto youths Jahllano gave us a big announcement on his instagram on the 14th of May with a sneak preview into his soon to be released song Roll Out!

As per usual he brings his versatility as with every song from him ever! What we absolutely love and can’t get enough of is the fact that when taking in music from an artiste as brilliant as Jahllano is that you never really know what style of music he’s going to bless us with until he makes it known.

Fans of his music already know there’s at least three musical variations to his music.

We have of course the Conscious/ Reggae Style, then up next we have the positive and inspirational style and of course the badness style and the way he effortlessly interchanges them is definitely something to be applauded, because depending on whichever one he gives you, he performs it so well you wouldn’t think he ventured into any other style!!!

Roll Out gives us badness Jahllano and based of this previewwwww!! Let me tell y’all  we’re expecting quality as per usual coming out from the Hilltop *insert fire emojis here* and if for whatever crazy reason you’re still in doubt…have a look for yourself

I know y’all saw that and can’t wait to see the actual video!!! But details people! Details! Let’s play a little game…Its called I spy and in this version we’re looking for familiar faces!

I don’t know how many y’all got but let’s see. Not withstanding the amazing lighting and video skills in the beginning, even though Jhallano did an excellent job at staying in the forefront, we did notice Biggie Boss in the shadows in the first couple of seconds and That *clap* looked *clap* epic!!!!*several claps** As it continues we see some more familiar faces, Onesix a great artiste also from the Hilltop, I almost didn’t make him out but so happy I did because up next there’s Jahz Blaze in the center of the circle of people, and even though he wasn’t fully visible, we did notice Raskality in there as well… Fast Forward we’re graced with the lovely smile and vibes of  renowned manager Delicia. Even with the smoke we noticed Rheon Elbourne before he was shown clearly and last but not least, how could we not recognize the talented Tafari! Talk about a strong team and big representation!! 

Based off my count I got 7 how many did you get?? Furthermore! What about the quality thoooughhh  Antonio Achee keeps the consistent quality!

I know we’re all on edge waiting for the release of this song and we’ll keep you posted!

check out another angle of the video before you go and if you didn’t pay attention to the dancers in the first clip, please ensure you pay better attention in this one! These dancers give us a very much hip hop kind of vybz and style and we absolutely love how it merged so perfectly with this song!

Blessings! Big Up!

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