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Triple D’s Entertainment (DANA DISSECTING DANCEHALL) was created in June 2020 to promote Dancehall music.  We observed many young and talented artistes hailing from some of the most negatively stereotyped and crime ridden areas in Trinidad and Tobago taking an interest in the music and being super good at it. It inspired us so much that we wanted to be a part of this movement and promote this genre of music as much as possible.

We are fully aware of the negative stigma attached to this particular genre of music, in that it promotes violence, crime, usage of drugs etc. which prevents many persons from engaging in this type of music, or even if they do, it’s usually to criticize and condemn. With this in mind, we thought it best to bring some understanding to those persons who may not be aware that though dancehall music reflects the ugly parts of reality, there is so much good associated with it as well. Some artistes actually pour their hearts out in their music, they sing about their dreams, their failures, past hurt, goals, desire to come out of a life of poverty, the protection and stability they yearn for their family, and they even sing about their relationship with their creator! It’s so much more than the preconceived notions.

At Dissecting Dancehall, we understand that every song is a short story being told, it may be real life experiences being relayed to you, a reality check as to how life actually is living in the ghetto but whatever story is being told, we know a lot of people involved in the creative process put a lot of time, work, talent, money, creativity and love into each song and video for those us who understand and appreciate this genre to enjoy and that should not go unnoticed.  In addition to this, it creates many jobs, allows creatives the opportunity to display their talents in fine style and the best part, it can actually change lives for the better!!!

We find the best way to show our love and support is through the promotion of all this awesome work.  This will be done in the following ways:


Reviews that focus on lyrics, video quality, vybz, graphic work etc. It seeks to shed light on the creative process and to highlight the amount of work that goes into producing a song and/or video. We hope to help persons have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the artiste, their creative team and their craft with this in depth style of



This segment is designed to describe artists using 1 word that captures their essence. It will be based on their personal style, musical style, content and feedback from fans as to how they view the artist. This is done deliberately to encourage persons to focus on the artistes’’ individuality, creative strengths and uniqueness as opposed to comparing them to each



This segment is all about finding the positive messages within the music. We’ve found that artistes have been giving advice within their songs that can be applicable in our everyday lives. We will share these words of wisdom with our audience and show the many positive messages within the music contrary to popular belief. We hope to make it a norm of recognizing the good and personalizing music, thus allowing it to have more


Here we connect with the creative on a one on one. We want to hear the story behind the creative. Who are you? What is your inspiration? What is your vision for yourself and the industry? It’s a comprehensive overview meant to inspire anyone interested in becoming a musician, a manager, have a record label, graphic designer, sound engineer etc. or who has any other dream they are working towards and can be inspired by the life of the creative. By sharing their life with their fans, they are welcoming us to be a part of it. This helps us to get a better understanding of them from a creative standpoint as well as on a personal level which of course, only grows our admiration and respect.


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