Rest in peace to the great rebel six!! This day will forever be a difficult day not only for his loved ones and friends but also for us music fans of Trinibad and the fans specifically from the six camp and I pray for peace and comfort at this time.

My consolation is that six never dies, the people we love never really die unless our memories of them die. Unless there’s no one left on the earth who remembers their name and the impact they had. Unless everyone forgets the roads they’ve paved and the lives that were made better because of their presence. When it comes to Kyle George, we can’t see the likelihood of that happening as not only will he be remembered by his family, friends and fans from Trinidad and Tobago but also from his loved ones and fans spread across the globe!

When I think of the manner in which Kyle’s life was taken, I was furious at first, I wanted so bad for God to give some kind of reasonable explanation or bring some understanding to me as to why things have to be like this. Why the world has to be like this, why, why, why. When I got fed up of asking why I started to ask God how?? How could he allow this when his career was now taking off in a big way, when he didn’t even reach anywhere close to the pinnacles we know he was capable of reaching! How God?? Howww…I used to be like this for a very long time but then I had an epiphany.

Why God allowed Kyle to depart from us in this manner is really irrelevant because when it’s our time to go we just have to go. It really could have been any other way and coming to think of it, it doesn’t matter really, the outcome would have left us all the same…devastated and broken hearted. I thought about how God could have called him home before allowing him to get his Grammy , before allowing him to go on tour which we all know would have been a sell out!!!! And then I thought of the impact that rebel has now, even without his Grammy and I can’t help but think that that award would just be a prized possession to highlight what the world already knows and that is Rebel was one of the greatest musicians to ever live!

I then started analysing if the why and the how doesn’t matter what does? The answer I came up with is what you do whilst you are here. What difference did you make? What impact did you have? That is what is truly important as that is what your legacy will become! Can we just have a moment of silence to think about the great legacy that the one with the Midas Touch has left us with. Rebel has done in a short space of time what people have worked their entire lives to do and still have not done. Rebel defied the odds! He showed us anything is possible! He taught us how to overcome the obstacles we are faced with and encouraged us to believe in ourselves!!

At one point you were the uncrowned king, fast forward you were living the king life here on earth and fast forward even more, you have elevated yet again, this time to paradise! Rest in peace Rebel!!! Thank you! And I love you!!
Any other way ah….

Blessings! Big Up!

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