It’s not carnival or soca season right now in Trinidad and Tobago but yet still there’s panorama. If you’re thinking we’ll waw….this is unusual, this is out of the norm well then you’re right on track as that is exactly what you could expect from none other than Not Normal Skem. I mean the name alone is a giveaway!!!

On the 20th of May via his instagram platform Not Normal skem dropped a sneak peake of his soon to be released song panorama asking if to release it or not…and all I have to say to that is just like the woman in dexta daps’ “call me if” wanted to be free…well that’s how we feel about this song!!! We would like it to be freeeeee please Skem‼️‼️‼️ RELEASSSEE ITTTT!!!

A very versatile artiste Skem continues to bring songs that excell with lyrical quality! His amazing Freestyle skills and flow definitely makes him stand out!

What we love about what we’ve heard thus far is his ability to reference some of our favourite shows and music.

I mean come on…full of gun like John Wick…we’ve all seen John Wick and he has A LOOTTT of guns lol!!! What about the way he took us to the eastsyde!!! Big up Skillibeng who has the brik pon brik! We love how that part is a “if you know you know” moment for dancehall listeners. I also love how we get to learn a little of the music that Skem listens to.

Furthermore when it comes to association this song wins!!! For our cultural people who knows what a panorama is, I’m sure you could appreciate the mimicking of playing the steelpan and even the traditional pan noises that this skilled artiste makes!!

Fast forward to the 7th of July he released yet another teaser this time asking if he should release the audio and again Mr. Not Normal….this time in the words of our frozen princess Elsa….Let it go!!! Let it gooooo!!!

We’re super excited for this song!! Don’t worry! Y’all Will know when it’s here!!

Blessings ❤🙏 Big Up🙌




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