Prince Swanny has outdone himself with this Pablo video and we’re here for all of it!!!! From the intro the video screamed Quality! Quality! Quality! For a second we thought it was actually Pablo Escobar the way how that warehouse was set up!

Big respect to Ztekk Records for this hit song and big big respect to Josiah Persad Films. This music video has definitely raised the bar for video quality from our beloved Trinibad artistes.  Everything matched up perfectly to reflect the lifestyle of a crime boss, it’s like a movie!

Down to the Prince’s dress code, the silk shirt, the color of the shirt, the warehouse, Rolls Royce, the house, the body guards, the ladies, the plane, cuban cigars, the dogs!!! OMG!!! It screamed luxury! it was everything you can think of and more!

Have a sneak peak!

In 24 hours the video has surpassed 1/4 million views and is so good that it received a reaction from OUTDEY TV, which as you know, outdey TV is not known primarily for reaction videos, but in the words of super hype himself “this video deserves a reaction”

In this reaction Super gives us a lot of history regarding Pablo Escobar and the very detailed connections that Prince Swanny makes in this video which makes it even more impactful and highlights the research, time and effort that was put into creating this epic video! and yeesss it was all worth it. Check out the reaction here!

Because we love you so much we even got you some pictures too!

In conclusion, this is one of those extremely epic and beautiful moments in music where a song and the video for that song matches up so perfectly that it surpasses our own imagination of what the video should look like.  Because let’s be real, we’ve all created our own music videos for songs and have thought of the ways in which there could be some improvement, but for this, omg, perfection!

Excellent job Prince! We look forward to more greatness from you!

Oh and check out the full vid here, I know you didn’t think we forgot lol

Blessings! Big Up!

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