What better way to kick-start the new year than to recapp on how blessed you’ve been and how far you’ve come!

That appeared to be the message in this post shared by one of the Gully God’s fanpages- Movadogully_news on Instagram.

The post caption read

Gully fans seemed to get this message and were inspired as they should be!

This is the greatness of dancehall music! We encourage you all not to give up! Just as Mavado didn’t give up.

The deejay celebrated his birthday 6 weeks ago on the 30th of November and did so painfully remembering his mother who passed away. Posting this picture to his Instagram.

The post caption read…

The deejay was given support from his fellow music colleagues. May she rest in peace and just as record label Popystyle reassured Mavado made his mother very proud and for those of you attempting to do something great! Go for it! Make that same impact!

Go and become that great! Living testimony of possibility! You never know who you’re going to inspire.

Blessings! Big Up! ❤

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