KG is dropping some heat!!!! Today we check out his song entitled Life. The title alone speaks volumes regarding the type of song we could expect and sure enough…we got a sneak peak into the life of this multi-talented artise!

The songs starts off as powerful as any song can be and that is with the boldness and conviction one has when they know exactly what they are destined to do and is determined to do just that! Check out this sneak peek

We are absolutely inspired by this courage and of course we know for a fact that hard work definitely pays off because here we are today…writing about the work of this brilliant artiste! 👏

Personally the part where he said “Father me ah beg a long life, me nuh beg an easy one” really hit home, because I look around and see people so focused on asking for things to be easy that they forget it’s in the tough times that you build resilience and strength which we believe is exactly the motives behind KG’s amazing prayer!

Fast forward to “mi just wah yuh make me heart stronger, forgive mi for mi mistakes when mi younger, forgive then for the times they put me under” These are words to use as part of your daily mantra to live a life full of love, hope, grace, happiness and peace. It helps you to remember that you are human and makes mistakes and as we can ask for forgiveness we also need to understand that others are human as well and will also make mistakes. Grace therefore is needed for us and for them.

Big up you KG for this amazing and inspiring song and we congratulate you on your journey thus far and we’re locked on for more greatness!!

Check out the full song here

Blessings ❤ 🙏🏾 Big Up🙌

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