Let’s Get Spicy

First off let me wish the queen of Dancehall- Spice a happy belated birthday! Blessings and many more to come!! The 6th of August marked a very significant day as not only was it the Independence day for the motherland of Dancehall, Jamaica,  not only was it Spice’s birthday but it was also a celebration of greatness as it marked the release of Spice’s FIRST album 10!!!

Her birthday and album launch were celebrated in a flavour filled way that only Spice could do!

I think the fact that she is known around the globe and has represented her homeland Jamaica on various platforms without actually releasing 1 album until now shows us the ambition and drive that she’s always possessed. This makes her first album after all this time even more impactful!

It’s about to get Spicy!!!! The first post made to spice’s Instagram is dated the 1st of January 2017 but of course real day 1s know that Spice has definitely been blessing us with her presence waaayy before that.

I don’t know how far back y’all can go but for me, when I think of early Spice the first words that come to mind are- You are my Mr.!!!!! Of course the lyrics from Ramping Shop! A timeless song which features her and the Worldboss! Mr. Palmer This is throwback for your money!!!

It has been an amazing journey as a fan seeing the evolution of Spice, with each time she gets spicier than before.

Never forgetting to pay homage to those who helped to make a way for her. One such person is Vybz Kartel…

From her debut she has been and still is an attention grabber! Her beauty extends far beyond her looks however we can’t deny her outward beauty. I mean come on!! Look how amazing her body is! I mean have you seen anyone else pull of a variety of blue hairstyles better than Spice? Let’s be real…of course not!

She is also never afraid to speak her mind!

Spice is not only an awesome artiste, but she is also a serial entrepreneur. She is a Co-Star on reality show Love and Hip Hop, bringing that Caribbean Charisma and Spice (pun intended lol).

In addition to this she has a very successful clothing line called Graci Noir.

In addition to this she owns her own hair and makeup business called Faces and Laces

She also promotes other businesses via her Instagram platform and is a brand ambassador for Magnum Tonic Wine.

Titled Queen of Dancehall she definitely deserves her crown and we’re certain all 3.7 million of her followers and counting agree! After being a part of our lives for almost 2 decades Spice does just that…Spice it up Again a big congratulations to this amazing Queen and we wish her continued success in not 1, not 2, not 3 but every endeavor!!

Spice is definitely an example of how far hard work, perseverance and belief is in becoming successful. She has that boss girl energy and confidence that every girl should have!!! So if you need some inspiration about how to navigate through life, my advice to you is simple!

SPICE IT UP‼️‼️‼️‼️

Blessings Big Up❤

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