Happy New Year to all the beloved family, friends, fans and supporters of Dissecting Dancehall and the entire dancehall music community.

As we reflect on the amazing year we had for 2021 despite the many challenges and loss due to the coronavirus and life in general we enter this year full of appreciation and gratitude to have made it this far.

Last year we had many highlights in dancehall. We’ve had so many albums and EP released from our favourite artiste. We’ve had some amazing collaborations in addition to Grammy nominations and exposure for the Caribbean.

We’ve seen the performances, we’ve seen the love and support and most importantly the excitement to celebrate our favourite artiste in person at concerts. We can imagine the feeling the fans had. To have that joy of being able to “free up” with some resemblance of normalcy. Big Up You!

Highlights of this year cannot be complete without acknowledging and paying respect to our young fallen artistes. As we leave 2021 behind, we say Rest in Peace to Brad, Chucky, Siah and Versa. We had a preview of the talent, creativity, music and vibes. Though your journeys were short lived, by pursuing your musical dreams you all have inspired young persons to follow their passions. Thank you for your contribution! Gone but not to be forgotten….REST IN PEACE!

As we journey through this year, it is our prayer for continued musical greatness. We pray for the safety of our artistes and creatives. We prayer for prosperity and of course continued success!!

I thank Big G for allowing us to make it to this year and we prayer for many more to come! Lift a glass in celebration…toast to greatness!

Thank you all for the continued support! Great things coming this year!!! Stay Tuned!

Blessings! Big Up!

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