Gazanation assemble!!! We have word that the Worldboss’s ongoing case has something for the first time in years that only true family, friends and fans have had for the last decade and that is HOPE‼️‼️

The attorney for the King of dancehall seemed very optimistic in an interview recently done by Fox News where he spoke about the case and the way in which it is progressing.

As we are aware, Adidjah Palmer has been incarcerated for 10 years on murder charges with several of his appeals not going to his favour, but we hope that is until now.

His matter is scheduled to be heard by the Privy Council. The Privy Council based in England is the highest court of appeal and that means it is also Kartel’s last chance at freedom!

Fingers crossed and passports ready!! Because if and when the worldboss is free! His first public performance will definitely be the largest in history!!! And I do mean history!!!

We’re monitoring this case very closely and will keep you all posted. In the meantime…check out the interview below and make your own assumptions!

Blessings ❤🙏 Big Up 🙌


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