Jafrass is an artiste out of the motherland of dancehall, Jamaica. I don’t know about you all, but anytime I see or hear Jafrass’s name automatically I hear the unruly boss Popcaan saying: “Jafrass nah lie when me shub out d 4:5” from their hit song Unruly Camp which features the unruly boss himself Popcaan, Quada and of course the talented Jafrass who this article is about. I don’t know why my brain does this association but it does! and every time it does I’m pumped with excitement because hello!! Music Legends Alert!

If you’re familiar with this artiste you already expect QUUALLITTYYY!!! when he sings and this song Don’t Care is no different! Released on the 12th of May 2021 this song has surpassed half a million views in a little over a month and is on the Every Hustler Riddim 2021- Shab Don Records / Hemton Music. 

This song should be on the top of your playlist if you need a lesson on how to stop caring about the people and things that are not good for you, that hamper your growth and take away from your overall happiness and good spirit! Step one is to see and blind step 2 is to hear and deaf. It means to completely ignore that negative energy. It’s about knowing all that is said about you and not allowing it to affect you internally, not letting it distract you from your goals and ambitions. Just check out the powerful intro!!

“Dem call me name and me know, mustbe true me don’t say nothing they feel say me don’t hear, no emotion ah show, me just make d mother f##### dem feel say me don’t care… Dem hurt me once, Dem hurt me twice, dem nuh go get the chance to hurt me again.”

Powerful lines! ikr! The last part really gives me some perspective because it brings me back to the saying- “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” It’s so important that we learn to let go before it’s too late! A lesson that took me forever to learn! If you entertain any negativity past the 2nd phase when you should know better then prepare to go downhill until you learn this lesson. Before you know it you’ll be  sucked into a worldwind of nothing that gets you closer to being your higher self.  When this happens you have to take that responsibility and acknowledge you are the cause of your own detriment past that phase because it means you willingly  associated with persons who after the second time, you KNOW! don’t have your best intention at heart so you have to take whatever consequence comes with that.  And why do you want to do that in the first place?

Another reason I absolutely looovee the intro is because it teaches self control. I’m going to add a little bit of rap/hip hop here as I quote a verse from the great Nas- “Wonder what my secrets is, enemies move on you only if they know what your weakness is…I have none” This verse relates so much to the entire concept of this song. This is war! and the enemy will bait you with many things to see what you respond to. When you respond this gives them a better idea of your triggers, the things or areas that you love and care about, the things that they need to continue to target if they want to get to you and destroy you! So do not give them that edge! Self control! Never let them know what you’re thinking, how you’re thinking, nothing! Just remain focused on your goals. Get that Tunnel vision!

But I’ve said way too much about this song already so check it out for yourself and be sure to add this to your playlist!

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Blessings! Big Up!

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