I’m sure if you’re a fan of trinibad then you know exactly who Antonio Achee is. For those of you who are not aware of this prolific creative then seriously…what are you doing???

Achee’s work is known by his signature-” A film by Antonio Achee with the pink hat thing”

He is responsible for bringing us some of the hottest videos to date in local dancehall and has worked with many brilliant artistes such as the Prince himself- Prince Swanny, The voice of the ghetto youths Jahllano, Plumpyboss, Medzboss, Trinibaddest Moe, Lady Lava, Rheon Elbourne and Boy Boy to name a few, but not to be fooled as his services is not exclusive to the dancehall industry. He has also worked with Soca artistes such as Nessa Preppy, Preedy,

We’re so excited for this transition to yet another creative expression, this time that of artiste with his song Elevate… At a time like this with all that’s going on all we can do really is strive to elevate our minds and improve our current way of living.

The song was performed and written by Achee  whilst it was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Bing Bang Studios.

The song starts off with a stunning reminder of the one life we have to live. I know we say this and we know this yet still we allow the day to day stresses to steal our joy. We forget that we have the possibility to do great things and make an ordinary day extraordinary.

If you’re unsure how to start your elevation process no need to stress just take a page out of Achee’s book and get some tips…I know you all will take in the song and make your own notes but for now, we gave you all our simple summary!

One life, live it up.

High-grade Bill it up.

All your dawgs fill the cup.

Elevate till you reach the top

Grind everyday so the money can’t stop.

In your God you trust.

Tell them me soon fi buss.

One life so live it up– Whenever possible do the things that bring you joy! Try something you’ve always wanted to do. Start working on the best version of your life that you can imagine! Try new foods, travel…WHATEVER it is that you think will help you to appreciate the days you are here on the earth do that! It can’t be all about the problems and responsibilities all the time…GO FOR IT!

High Grade Bill it Up, All d dawgs fill the cup– Eat and drink and be merry! Contrary to what is portrayed in the media everyone has a “vice” that they use, a way of coping with everything, a way to help them calm their nerves when the pressure is up because be not fooled, no one is exempt from problems. Some people find calm through the use of God’s homemade plants, or some liquor or even both. If that’s your vice then it definitely helps to do that with some good music and some great company. Yes we know there’s covid so of course we have to promote safe practices, maybe you can’t meet in person but if you need to have the lime virtual then do that!!!! VIBES IS VIBBESSS!!!

Elevate till you reach the top– Sometimes your elevation takes place in baby steps. No matter how small or how simple you think it is, work on your goals everyday. There are going to be down days, there are going to be days when your energy is low and it’s difficult to motivate yourself that doesn’t make you any less of majestic, it’s just a side effect of being a human and not a machine. Ensure that everyday you do your best BUT just be mindful that everyday your best isn’t going to look the same and that’s ok. One step at a time.

Grind everyday so the money can’t stop– live by a simple principle. If you don’t work you don’t eat. You alone are responsible for your life. You are not able to control all the things happening around you but you do have a decision to make regarding how you’re going to deal with it. Is this going to hamper my growth if so what can I do to overcome…Plan your plan and work your plan.

In your God you trust– We know the world is divided by religion, the focus is always on which way is right and what practices are correct etc etc etc. We think it’s important to develop that closeness with your creator regardless of what your religion is and believe that you are here with a divine purpose that can only be executed by you!!  Let go of your distractions, doubts or whatever else that is hampering you from achiveing greatness!

Lastly –Tell them mi soon fi buss- There comes a calm reassurance once you develop that ultimate faith that your dreams and purpose will be fulfilled. It is no longer a question of “IF” but rather “WHEN” and as long as we’re putting in the work, surrounded by goodness and having that faith, then just like Antonio our answer will be “SOON”

Antonio we definitely look forward to more of this good vibes and positive energy!

Check out the song here and let us know what you think!

Blessings! Big Up!


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